Irish Plasterers Register

Irish Plasterers Register


Are you looking for a trusted, registered plasterer?

The Irish Plasterers Register provides homeowners and the building industry with a platform to find the most highly skilled Plasterers & Dry Liners in their area. Those contained on this register have obtained either through qualification or experience the necessary skill set required to complete work to a very high standard. There are strict eligibility criteria to inclusion on this register so that those requiring plasterers or dry liners can view in the knowledge that they are accessing the best.

Why do we need a register?

The construction industry and the public have suffered at the hands of unregistered craftspeople in the past. This register provides comfort when hiring in this field.

The unskilled carrying out our work has damaged the image and the reputation of plasterers and dry liners, and this must change. By qualifying for this register, Plasterers & Dry Liners are committing to carry out work to a high standard and to guarantee it.

Why hire an unregistered craft worker when you can hire a registered one!

How do I join?

Plasterers Join


Plasterers & Dry Liners can apply to join the register by downloading and completing the application form.

All trades require evidence of completion of an apprenticeship, confirmed by supplying copies of your apprenticeship agreements.

If you have not served a formal apprenticeship you will need to provide detailed evidence of your employment and training history which you consider to be equivalent to having served an apprenticeship. This will need to be in the form of written evidence, on official headed paper from Employers; Architects; Clerk of Works; or other industry professionals. Your work will be assessed by the register and upon inspection you may be accepted on the Register

In addition, all applicants must provide evidence to demonstrate the attainment of the technical certification for their relevant trade, this may be amended from time to time. A representative from the resister will come to your workplace and assess your skills level.

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About Us

About the Irish Plasterers Register


In the recent past, the construction sector witnessed the boom bust cycle of the economy which saw thousands or unskilled workers enter the building industry in place of highly skilled craftspeople normally found in traditional building practices. We saw the replacement of proper craftspeople by unskilled workers who can achieve only one or maybe two outcomes relating to anyone trade.

This now has culminated in the production of sub-standard buildings that many are unaware of. It is only when the media reports of such buildings that we eventually hear about them. This reflected badly on us as a whole as our more experienced qualified craftspeople left our shores in pursuance of better pay and conditions.

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