Code of Behaviour

Code of behaviour for all members of this register

  1. Every registered Plasterer, Dry Liner (hereinafter referred to as members) must abide by the rules set out in this code of conduct for which there can be no derogation.
  2. All registered members must apply their knowledge, skills and experience diligently on every job they decide to undertake.
  3. Members must agree to regular inspections from the committee of management. This is to ensure that all works carried out are to the registers standards.
  4. Members must agree to undertake continued professional development courses to ensure that all members are kept up to date with changing practice within the industry.
  5. Members must keep proper time keeping arrangements.
  6. Members are required to carry the appropriate tools to complete works. A list of tools per discipline is attached at Appendix A & B.
  7. Member must not tolerate any forms of substance abuse in any form. Any member carrying on in this regard will be disciplined in accordance with the disciplinary and grievance procedures. Substance abuse maybe considered as gross misconduct and may carry a sanction of expulsion from the register.
  8. Members must not engage in any inappropriate comments that may reflect badly on other members or on the register.
  9. Members must respect the property of others.
  10. Member must not act or carry on any activities be it inside or outside work which may be considered as negative to the register or its members.
  11. Members will treat members of the Public with courtesy and respect as they would treat other members.
  12. Maintain a high standard of personal integrity in all conduct relating to construction, so as to ensure public confidence in the sector and the register.
  13. Do not accept work where the technical, financial and administrative resources are not in place, or time is insufficient to complete the work to a standard consistent with the principles of this Code.
  14. Members must not imply that skills can be provided which the member does not in fact possess or have the ability to procure, or use membership of the register to infer the possession of competence of a skill.
  15. Members must fulfil duties with required skill, care and diligence.
  16. Members must not undervalue their craft by tendering for work under acceptable rates for any discipline.
  17. Members must be fair to any potential clients or to other members of the Register.
Irish Plasterers Register code of behaviour