Code of Practice

Code of practice for all members of this register

  1. Members must provide a detailed works schedule in order to provide clarity for the works to be carried out.
  2. Members must provide a completion certificate upon completion of works, providing their registered number and any other important information that maybe required for a particular contract. This is to establish a guarantee in writing that the works carried out are to a high standard of workmanship.
  3. Members must provide sheets or other forms of coverings in order provide for a clean work place.
  4. Members must ensure that all places of work are left in an acceptable condition upon completion of works. Acceptable condition is defined as a work space that is completely cleaned of any debris, dust, plaster materials including metal, plasterboard, empty bags or any other left over materials that were used in the completion of the job. No mess will be accepted by the members as having a negative impact on other members. All materials to be disposed in a safe and environmental way and in accordance with Law.
  5. Review projects after completion in order to constantly seek to improve the standard of work.
  6. Adhere to safe working practices to ensure all persons within the work environment are always kept away from dangerous scenarios they maybe not aware of.
  7. If required to carry out work in a domestic dwelling, members must inform the property owner that all fixtures and fitting must be removed from the area prior to arrival.

Irish Plasterers Register code of practice